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iLbert, the only Dilbert reader for your iPhone.

iLbert is no longer available from the App Store

iLbert Main Window

iLbert Main Window

Get your daily dose of corporate and tech humor straight to your iPhone or iPod touch with iLbert, the easiest reader for the online comic strip Dilbert by Scott Adams.

With iLbert simple controls you not only get a very quick and convenient access to the strip “du jour” from the Dilbert webcomic, but also:

  • Catch up with previous strips that you have missed
  • Use the “Random” feature to let iLbert surprise you with strips from random dates
  • Browse the history of Dilbert strips and re-discover the origins of the most famous engineer geek
  • Jump to the website for even more possibilities
  • NEW in 1.1 – Share strips on Twitter using your favorite Twitter app. iLbert supports Tweetie, Twittelator Pro, Echofon and Twitterific, as well as tweeting from Safari
  • NEW in 1.1 – Shake for random fun ! Shake your iPhone/iPod to download a random strip